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With access to all the top freight carriers you gain access to the best freight companies for any type of shipping.

We can manage any shipment size to or from any location in the world.


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We offer the easiest to use web based software built in-house to simplify your pricing live to ensure the best rates.

Stop wasting money by having us get the best rate on every shipping lane you have

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We have the ability to get your shipment to or from a residence with ease. Not sure where to start?

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Need a job?

We are hiring! We offer a program for freight agents looking for a new place to manage their book of business.

Are you a Veteran? We offer a training program for all service members. Learn more ►►

Are you currently working for an LTL brokerage but unhappy? We were too. After a decade of dealing with other 3PL’s rules and regulations, we felt that we could offer a better way for agents to manage their business, build and retain their customer base. Pricing is important but letting an agent manage his customers without interference is one of the factors for creating this company and not going carrier direct. Why leave one brokerage to jump into another?

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We didn’t want to be tied into one brokerage or 3PL and neither should you. If you are looking to switch, we are looking to help. You can fly under the radar from your current brokerage as long as you need.

We offer an extremely high commission structure and an unsaturated agent network.



  • Been an active LTL freight agent for at least 6 months
  • Managing $100,000 in transportation per year or more
  • Desire to increase your margins (profit and commissions)
  • Ability to communicate professionally via telephone and e-mail
  • Effective multitasking/customer service skills


Some people just don’t understand. We do. Our company founder is a Army veteran who knows what it is like to be given a unique skill-set that does not translate to civilian life easily. So this program was designed to get our service members good paying jobs as quickly as possible once they are discharged.

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veteransYour service is appreciated by our company and we want to give back and help you for protecting us. We offer a way for you to learn to become a freight agent and sell LTL and TL shipping. read to go?

How we can help

We offer a training program each month for those who are looking to be a freight broker. Each month we offer a two day course that covers the nitty gritty of freight brokering so that you are not tied up hours online training but given the easiest tools and basic knowledge on how to drive LTL shipping sales and start making money the first week, not weeks or months later. Sales is not for everyone but those who have been in the military are honed to be able to do what is needed to succeed. Your training cost is reduced and we always support you and to help you build your business.

  • Provided training tools
  • Provided customer list to call
  • Monthly commissions
  • Focus on sales not operations
  • Grow at your pace


Want to make money on shipping without any interactions with the customer? We offer residual income for the life of the shipping account! Contact us for more info. Anyone can take advantage of this program including agents, employees and referrals. Earn monthly commissions without doing any work. Your information will remain confidential.