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About ShipTMS

Instant Shipping QuotesThe founders of ShipTMS saw an issue with the shipping industry that was affecting shippers in the way of inflated rates, wasted time and loss of support.

With increased carrier adjustments, brokers who are desperate to keep their tariffs at all costs and poor customer service the shipping industry needed to change and we saw a way to do it. We do not have pricing direct with carriers. We offer a better solution for all shippers.

ShipTMS was founded by a team of dedicated freight professionals who knew There is a better way to ship.

ShipTMS went from idea to actual free shipment rating to save shippers a boatload of money


Our specialized LTL freight team will work with you to find the most efficient way to transport your goods, regardless of whether you have increased volume, seasonal demands or special project needs.

People and businesses use ShipTMS because it’s easy and affordable to price, book, and ship everything from cars to cranes, freight to furniture, and households to horses—whether it’s going local or long distance.

Our shipping marketplace helps you connect with trusted, transporters of all kinds—large companies, small fleets, single-truck owners that compete for your business and offer extra cargo space at a discount.

Better? Oh Yeah

We have an internal set of guidelines and code of conduct that our brokers must follow to maintain access to our shippers and if they fall below that threshold, they will be turned off. We will not allow shippers to be taken advantage of and hope that by using our website, you will feel that you now have more control over your shipping.


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