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About ShipTMS

Instant Shipping QuotesThe founders of ShipTMS saw an issue with the shipping industry that was affecting shippers in the way of inflated rates, wasted time and loss of support.

With increased carrier adjustments, brokers who are desperate to keep their tariffs at all costs and poor customer service the shipping industry needed to change and we saw a way to do it. We do not have pricing direct with carriers. We offer a better solution for all shippers.


ShipTMS was founded by a team of dedicated freight professionals with over 30 years of shipping experience by means of freight brokering, freight brokerage ownership, being freight agents as well as holding executive positions with several top 3PL’s. With that collective knowledge and seeing the issues the general consensus was: There has to be a better way to ship. ShipTMS went from idea to actual free software to give control back to the shippers as well as save them a boatload of money

Think About This

If you stop and think about the issues you have with either a particular carrier or freight broker, it boils down to them not willing to manage your account properly even though you are paying them! As you use our system, you will find that several of the major brokers will not show up on our system and that is intentional. If a brokerage is known to continually have poor customer service and rate adjustments, they will not be available to our shippers.

We have an internal set of guidelines and code of conduct that out brokers must follow to maintain access to our shippers and if they fall below that threshold, they will be turned off. We will not allow shippers to be taken advantage of and hope that by using our website, you will feel that you now have more control over your shipping.


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We have created a unique piece of shipping software that is adaptable to multiple scenarios that no other shipping software is capable of offering.

If you are looking to take back your shipping, we offer that ability. View our services section to see what we offer.