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Most common questions (FAQ’s)

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Who Is ShipTMS?

ShipTMS is run by a team with over 100 years of freight knowledge. We offer a web-based Shipping Search Engine that is unique by offering uses the ability not only to get instant LTL rate from many carriers but to also create a competitive marketplace where shippers can consolidate their shipping.

Why We Will Be Your Solution For Shipping

ShipTMS offers the ability to connect live with the freight carriers to offer the below abilities that no other website can offer. We are the leaders in shipping technology and give you more tools to get shipping manages properly, quickly and inexpensively.

  • Online Quotes: Like disco, they will never die. Quotes you ran will be saved forever. Just shake off the dust and re-run them for updated pricing or view the original pricing.
  • Instant booking with the freight carriers: We are connected directly with the carriers. When you book it, they will have the pickup request instantly
  • No waiting to see if a shipment picked up: Most of the carriers provide us with the PRO (Tracking #) prior to pickup. Once driver scans it, you will have updated tracking online instantly.
  • POD’s (proof of deliveries): Once the paperwork is imaged with the carrier after delivery, you will have access to it immediately.
  • Supporting Documentation: If the carrier comes back with a weight discrepancy or additional fees, you will have instant access to the paperwork in your account.


How Do I Get Started?

To use our site is extremely easy. You will click on one of the types of quotes you are looking for and enter your data. Once that is entered, our software will contact all the carriers we have connected to our search engine and request a rate. Once that has been collected, we present you with the pricing. You can save, email or go ahead and book that shipment immediately.

We present you with the carrier information and tariff stipulations so that you will be sure the carrier will be able to handle your shipment correctly. The BOL (Bill of lading) our system will generate for you to email it to the pickup location or print it out and hand to the driver.

Tracking can be done instantly as well right online.

Will I Get Bombarded With Calls Using This Site?

You will never get sales calls. The carriers and brokers never have access to your contact information or who you are as you are quoting and booking. If your information is provided on a BOL (Bill of Lading) some carriers will try and solicit your business directly but they will not be able to offer the lowest pricing we can due to the nature of competition on our search engine. If you do get a sales call from a carrier or sales agent who managed your shipment please let us know right away. This is against our broker code of conduct and do not allow solicitation of any kind to our valued shippers

What Is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping is the most common type of freight shipping there is. Some people call it palletized loads but the correct way to describe what LTL shipping is is:

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping is freight shipments ranging from 50 lbs to 10,000 lbs. When the item you need shipped is too large or too heavy (parcel weight limit is 150 lbs) to ship via the post office or your local parcel company, freight is the next solution. Freight shipping is the easiest way to move large and bulky items quickly and efficiently while keeping shipping costs low.

How do I find my freight class or NMFC Code?

If your current shipping company (or broker) is not getting that for you, then why give them your business? We offer the ability to get your NMFC Codes and freight classes easily and for free. A freight class is calculated by the combination of weight, value, density, likelihood of damage, and ease of moving. All items have been specifically classified and assigned a category code by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFC) as a freight industry standard. When determining your freight class, be as specific and accurate as possible in your description to avoid extra shipping costs by the shipping company. You can contact us to get your freight class or NMFC Code.

Do I have to be accurate with weight and dimensions?

Be as accurate as you can. Your shipment weight needs to be accurate because the shipping charges are based on weight.  If your shipment is inaccurately weighed, it is subject to being re-weighed by the carrier which will result in an additional charges including an inspection fee. When the carrier finds a shipment that is different than what was put into the booking order, they will inspect it. That can result in additional costs and may also delay delivery.

Why are the shipping quote rates so low?

ShipTMS created a competitive marketplace with freight brokers, not carriers. We in essence bring them business without the need to increase their advertising costs or bringing in more staff to generate sales. By creating a marketplace where several freight brokers (3PL’s) directly compete, we do not dictate their rates. We merely suggest that if they want the sale, they be competitive. The brokers are competing for you business each time you run a quote and the pricing is coming back live from them.

What we have created is the only website in the world that offers a shipping search engine.

Is this service free?

We offer the ability to get free quotes and enroll for free. When you quote a shipment, our small service fee has been to the rates presented to you on the results screen. There are no additional costs or hidden fees. Be aware that if you use inaccurate information in your quote and the freight carrier inspects your shipment and found it different than the booking data, you will be charged additional costs to cover those adjustments.

Is ShipTMS a freight broker?

ShipTMS is not a freight broker. We are a digital clearinghouse that offers the ability to consolidate shipping quotes into one system as a shipping search engine. We do not broker freight, instead we scour the internet to search freight brokers websites to present you with the best possible price available.

What type of shipping do you offer?

ShipTMS offers the below shipping options for you. Some of the types of shipping below are automated and provide instant rates (and we are always adding services) and others are quoted to the brokers manually to get back rates.

  • LTL Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Truckload Shipping
  • Tradeshow Shipping
  • Refrigerated Loads
  • Expedited/Hot Shot Shipping
  • Flatbed Shipping
  • Small Parcel
What do I do if I need to change anything with my shipment (or cancel the shipment)?

If there is an error with your booking or if you need to cancel your order, please call us to get that fixed. We not only offer a discounted shipping search engine but also offer exceptional customer service that you typically will not find with freight brokerages or carriers. We want to earn your business and know that you do not have to use our software. we want to become your solution for shipping forever.

Can I ship the same day I book a shipment?

Although this cannot be guaranteed (except on hotshot/expedited shipping) as long as your shipment is booked by 2 PM, typically same day pickups are available from the freight carriers. If you are looking for a before 12PM pickup, lift gate or residential pickup, typically the carriers need at least 24 hours advanced booking to set up a driver to manage your needs.

What about shipping to/from residences or other locations?

Carriers will charge for any extra service that is used. Similar to an airline. There are residential delivery fees that apply to freight shipping to a primarily non-commercial location. This includes apartments, residences, farms, estates, remote locations, and possibly schools and churches.

The cost to ship can also change when delivering to a limited-access location (i.e. construction sites, military bases, camps, and storage-unit facilities) and if there are lift gates needed to get a shipment from ground level to the back of the trailer.

Good packaging techniques are essential to protect your shipment while it is in transit. Remember that your shipment may be on a truck with other items, and may be loaded or unloaded more than once. Certain basic guidelines are provided here to help you ensure that all of your possessions are packed to travel safely.

  • Use only sturdy boxes that can be completely closed and sealed
  • Make sure that all boxes are firmly packed, but not overloaded
  • Boxes should not rattle or bulge when correctly filled
  • There should be space between your object and the sides of the corrugated container
  • Wrap individual items carefully in paper or bubble wrap
  • Provide sufficient cushioning to absorb shock
  • Pack item in layers, with the heaviest things on the bottom and the lightest on the top
  • Do not mix hard or heavy items with fragile items in the same container
  • Seal all cartons tightly with gummed tape (duct tape can peel off easily
  • Label each carton in the event pieces get separated
  • You may also want to write the number of cartons that compose the shipment (e.g., Box 1 of 3)