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As a search engine ShipTMS connects the shipments with the best brokers and their carriers. With a capacity issue rearing it’s ugly head right now and many of the freight carriers not being able to handle the volume, you would think it would be more efficient than ever.

consolidating shipping to reduce emmissionsUnfortunately that is not the complete truth. When shipments are being delayed due to not enough drivers to manage the shipments the people that are paying the price are the end user.

The solution right now is still shipping via Less than Truckload Freight even though the carriers are getting bogged down. They combine your small freight load with those of others so that there are less trucks on the road! For many people this never really hits home on how it helps reduce emissions.

Here at ShipTMS we search the internet for carriers looking to fill space through their broker partners. By utilizing services through ShipTMS, you can help reduce the load on the environment.