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Holiday Season Retail Rush – Truckload Capacity, Detention and Appointments

As we cross into November the holiday retail rush will be upon us. With last minute orders coming in via ocean, air, and from domestic manufacturers, truckload capacity will surely tighten, along with LTL capacity. Along with that are delays at the big box retailers and various warehouses and the topic for this conversation – carrier detention and appointments.

LTL carriers do not typically charge detention as they make appointments, when requested, or they have data in their systems noting certain destinations and warehouses require appointments. When you ship Truckloads – TL – be sure to find out how many FREE hours of detention you get. Drivers will not sit at a location forever without getting paid something for their time. I suggest the following:

  • Find out how much TL detention is per hour before dispatching the load
  • Find out how much free time you get as it does vary greatly
  • Advise on the BOL if the driver needs an appointment for delivery (this can reduce detention in many cases)
  • Provide the phone number and contact name on the BOL for TL and LTL moves. (this minimizes delays)
  • Appointments required when shipping with LTL carriers at times may delay delivery by a day (varies by carrier)
  • If you need to meet a PO deadline or drop delivery date to avoid back charges from the retailer, ship it guaranteed

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