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When you are shipping an engine, motor or transmission you will need to follow the below tips to have a good experience.

I cannot tell you how many times I have received a call over the years from a shipper stating “the driver will not pickup my engine”. Typically it is because the shipper either did not drain the engine of fluids (fuel, coolant, oil, etc) or the shipment was not properly secured to a pallet. Below are some images of a properly prepared engine/motor/transmission shipment. scroll below to see a bullet list of tips on how to prepare your shipment.

new motor


When shipping engines, transmissions or motors, the below will help make it go smoothly.

  • Palletize/crate your shipment
  • Drain all fluids from your item
  • Wrap all wiring and secure it to the motor/transmission to avoid damage
  • Wrap all bolts to avoid punctures
  • Secure fasteners in separate box or tape in installed location if needed
  • Cover your shipment (wrap or crate) to ensure no dust or dirt invades

Some shipping carriers will only take engines if they are crated and some terminals will take them palletized. When rating or booking, we provide the terminal phone number to check if there are any issues