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A liftgate makes loading and unloading possible for locations that do not have the ability to load direct into the back of a trailer.

What is a liftgate and do you need one for your shipping?

Usually any freight shipment that is less than 150 lbs can be loaded onto a freight trailer without a liftgate. At that height and weight it is easy to load or unload from a trailer by one or two people. If that is not an option, a liftgate is the solution. 

A liftgate is a mechanical platform that can be operated to raise from ground level during loading a trailer and lowered when unloading a trailer. This option is typically used if there is not a dock or a forklift available and most commonly used at residential locations. Typically the maximum weight a liftgate can safely lift/lower is 3500 lbs. There is an added fee from the carrier for using a liftgate called and “accessorial charge”.

ShipTMS offers that as an option when quoting an LTL shipment online.

Shipping locations that may require a lift gate accessorial:

  • Residences
  • Strip malls
  • Storage Facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Retail locations
  • Churches
  • Farms
  • Business without a forklift
  • Business without a loading dock

smdhobm Drivers will typically NOT help handle freight in and out of trailers but most will be willing to help if you offer a nice Ice Cold Beverage wrapped with an untraceable $20 bill.