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XPO Logistics will be adding augmented reality (AR) technology its Ship XPO consumer self-service platform, so shoppers can visualize the ideal placement of heavy goods such as furniture and appliances in their homes – which the company hopes will “dramatically decrease” the likelihood of returns.

In a statement published today (27 June), Troy Cooper, president of XPO Logistics, said: “Augmented reality is another innovation that our retail and e-commerce customers can offer to consumers, providing more control over the shopping experience.

“The technology creates a virtual image of how an item will look in a given room, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of returns.

“Augmented reality enhances the efficiency of the entire last mile process, reducing time inside the home and the risk of product damage.”

XPO expects the visualization technology to be available nationally in the US on Ship XPO later this year. The AR move follows on from XPO’s recent addition of voice integration technology to Ship XPO, giving consumers the ability to track their purchases throughout XPO’s last mile network using Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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