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We’ve got some exciting news again! A shiny new plugin is available as of today: Shipping Insurance Options for WooCommerce

With this plugin you can add additional shipping options to the available shipping rates. These options are perfectly located to add options like expedited shipping, shipping insurance and delivery date type.


Within the Shipping Insurance Options for WooCommerce plugin you will find the power of conditional logic that will allow you to set up your own rules for when the shipping options should appear to the customer.

FUsing the conditions you can easily set this up and ensure the option only shows when it’s actually possible as well as increase your profit


The plugin will allow you to assign additional costs to the setup options. That way you can add an additional fee to the insurance option and allow the customer to choose if they’d like to add it to their order or not.


Time for a screenshot show-off:

Screenshot #5

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #1