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Could the Chinese e-commerce delivery model work in the West? Juan Sotolongo, Senior Partner at 722 Consulting, shares his perspectives:

  • The composition of Western delivery networks compared to the Chinese model (1:10)
  • Delivery vehicles and conditions (3:00)
  • Is same-day delivery a premium service? (4:20)
  • Location of sorting centres and service centres (5:30)
  • Sorting plans (6:40)
  • How regional areas benefit in faster delivery times (7:30)
  • Delivery to parcel lockers, including usage and network density (8:33)
  • Would this delivery model work in the West? (10:10)
  • Carrier agnostic parcel lockers (11:25)
  • Putting parcel lockers in residential apartment buildings (12:50)
  • Amazon and the major US parcel carriers (13:55)
  • Is there an opportunity to embrace elements of the Chinese model to improve “traditional” delivery? (15:20)

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