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Mathew Galt, CEO and co-founder of e-commerce fulfilment company Fulfilio, is my special guest. We cover:

  • What Fulfilio is and how it all started (1:20)
  • Current spread of the Fulfilio network of sites (2:52)
  • The affiliation with Australia Post (3:20)
  • Delivery options at check-out (4:35)
  • The e-commerce fulfilment scene in Australia (5:10)
  • The difference between 3PLs and e-commerce fulfilment (5:55)
  • Achieving speed of fulfilment in a big country (7:00)
  • Consumer expectations in speed of fulfilment, e.g. next day (7:35)
  • Fulfilio’s ability to achieve same-day delivery (8:55)
  • Time-specific (time-slot) delivery (9:50)
  • Customised (or personalised) e-commerce fulfilment (11:00)
  • The customer experience for same-day delivery (13:45)
  • Fulfilio’s deal with eBay (14:15)
  • Australian merchants selling cross-border (16:55)

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