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England Logistics has been dragged through the dirt over the past years as an unethical company that being run by Mormons purely for profit and not ethical. It seems that this is starting to become fact not fiction.

With word that England Logistics knowingly offers shipping insurance from an unlicensed provider (PAF Insurance) and their class action lawsuit, 14,000 truck drivers and countless others scammed with fake insurance, it seems that England/CR England will be just about ready to close doors in 2017.

Correct me if I am wrong but if a company is being sued by 14K people for a scheme to defraud drivers through a lease program, that would contradict their “Higher Spirituality” and being a devout Mormon run company.

Here is an excerpt of the article showing the trouble they are in and how it seems they cannot stave off the hounds. It is sad that a company had to scam their customers and employees. Seems they are rotten from the head down. Will they be another archived name in the trucking industry?

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – CR England, America’s largest refrigerated trucking company, is looking to the Utah Supreme Court for direction now that a federal court has certified a nationwide class action lawsuit involving more than 14,000 truck drivers.

The lawsuit alleges CR England and Horizon Truck Sales and Leasing engaged in a scheme to defraud drivers through a lease driver program. The lawsuit was originally filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in May 2011, but was later transferred to the District of Utah in April 2012.

The company, along with fellow defendants Opportunity Leasing and Horizon Truck Sales and Leasing, filed a motion with the Utah Supreme Court on March 27.

In the motion, the company argues that there are still issues regarding provisions in the Utah Consumer Sales Practice Act (UCPSA), Utah Business Opportunity Disclosure Act (UBODA), and the Utah Truth in Advertising Act (UTIAA).

CR England has asked that the federal court request certification of four questions to the Utah Supreme Court. As part of the motion, CR England argues that certification is needed because their questions are “indisputably uncertain” because no Utah court has addressed them previously, and that the answers to the questions are “very significant” to its case.