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Europa Worldwide Group, has invested £2,000,000 into a reconfiguration programme at its 1Hub in Dartford as part of its preparation for Brexit. The development was already part of the leading logistics supplier’s long-term strategy to expand the site as the company experienced growth, but with Brexit fast approaching, the European Road transit hub work has been advanced.

Dan Cook, Operations Director for Europa, comments: “When we originally designed the building in 2015, we included plans to expand the site. Due to the current political situation, we’ve now decided to speed up the re-development, specifically of the European transit hub area, to ensure we can continue to deliver an efficient, quality service for our customers.”

Dan Cook continues: “The strategy to expand capacity at our 1Hub facility will create more space for freight that may become slowed down by the clearance process and also provide security against gridlock of volume post Brexit. It is just one of the many ways in which we are preparing for all possible outcomes.”

Europa’s £30 million 1Hub is the company’s largest single investment – centralising its European road freight to create the UK’s largest European groupage hub. The building is split into two areas, providing third party warehousing and European transit shed operations.

The new investment to further develop the 26,368m² facility, which is big enough to house seven football pitches, focuses on the European Road transit hub.

With an increase in short-term storage space required, the racking footprint within the site is expanding across both ground level and vertically, creating extra space for its European Road customers. Since its launch, 1Hub has increased the number of its European consignments by 64 %, from 22,000 to 36,000 per month.