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GLS France has teamed up with start-up Tousfacteurs to provide a new service where recipients can opt, on the day of delivery, for an environmentally friendly bicycle delivery at night.

Private customers of GLS France (a subsidiary of General Logistics Systems BV) will benefit from a new paid –for delivery option in several districts of southern Paris. On the day of delivery, they will receive an SMS indicating that their package will be delivered during the day. Via the interactive technology of Tousfacteurs , the recipients can, until the last minute, choose a delivery between 18.00 and 20.00 or between 20.00 and 22.00 the same day or the next day.

The service offers recipients, who are not at home during the day, more flexibility to choose their favorite slots. GLS France says: “Moreover, bicycle delivery is an innovative solution for sustainable urban logistics in the populated arrondissements of Paris.”

The B to C packages are grouped together at the GLS agency in Vitry-sur-Seine, before being sent to the Tousfacteurs hub in Paris.

The start-up Tousfacteurs specialises in last-mile logistics and evening delivery . It allows, for example, to geolocate a courier and to reprogram a delivery in real time via an interface accessible without downloading an application. In addition, Tousfacteurs uses bicycle couriers .

GLS France is already using bicycles for some parcel deliveries in Strasbourg.