Forth Ports’ Port of Tilbury is anticipating the amount of materials moved by rail to increase by 900,000 tonnes per annum within the next five years as the construction of HS2 frees capacity on existing lines.

Carole Cran, Chief Financial Officer at Forth Ports, said: “HS2 will give us the headroom to grow our network of low carbon delivery routes. By building a new rail line, HS2 takes fast trains off the existing railway and places them on their own dedicated tracks.

“This allows local and freight trains to run at similar speeds on the existing lines, freeing up space across the network for many more passenger and freight services.”

The Port of Tilbury, one of eight Forth port sites in the UK, said it had scope for “significant increases” in both unitised and bulk cargo flows at its Tilbury2 facility, which has two rail terminals.