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Boots UK, the UK’s largest pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, noticed tremendous growth in e-commerce sales over the last year, with extreme surges during the holiday season.

To successfully meet the growth of online purchases and seasonal spikes, while providing customers with quality service and timely delivery, Boots looked to innovate their picking operations.

Locus Robotics sits down with Boots UK to discuss their experience implementing warehouse automation and how robots help them increase productivity, handle unexpected volume spikes, and make them stronger and better prepared than ever before.

By registering for this IntraLogisteX Connected webinar you will hear how Boots UK:

– Evaluates, chooses, and implements automation into their organization
– Uses robots to doubled lines picked per hour and increase accuracy to meet rapid delivery expectations
– Scales to meet periods of high/unexpected demand without additional labor
– Improves safety and reduces workplace accidents by 77% despite increased volume