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Yamato Holdings and DHL’s StreetScooter, are reportedly developing a small electric truck for door-to-door deliveries according to Nikkei Asian Review.

Yamato plans to bring 500 of the vehicles to the Tokyo metropolitan area by autumn.

Ultimately the company plans to shift to electric power for its 40,000 strong fleet. It will mark the first large-scale EV introduction by a major Japanese logistics company.

StreetScooter, a DHL group electric vehicle developer, will manufacture the vehicle itself, while Yamato will be responsible for a refrigerator-freezer cargo box to be attached to it.

The truck bed will be waist high so that workers can load and unload cargo without having to enter the refrigerator-freezer compartment.

Since electric vehicles are quiet, Yamato plans to use the new vehicle in residential areas from late afternoon onwards.

The vehicle will resemble the shape of a minivan.

The two companies will soon sign an agreement for the development deal, for which about 4 billion yen ($36 million) is estimated to be spent, including costs for building a charging infrastructure.

The plan is to set up charging equipment at about 100 delivery points in the Tokyo metro area. One charge is expected to allow a vehicle to run for six or seven hours and go for about 100 km.