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Research by Australia Post has revealed

that online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has risen 28.7 % year-on-year indicating shoppers are doing their Christmas shopping earlier than ever before.

General Manager Parcel & Express Services, Ben Franzi, said The Inside Australian Online Shopping research shows a continuing shift in the timing and channels shoppers use to make their key purchases.

“Traditionally, the first week of December was the peak for online sales. Now, it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday – which strongly suggests that more Aussies are doing their Christmas shopping online and earlier than ever before.”

“Importantly, this signals to retailers they need to consider timing their sales earlier to grab a slice of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday pie.

“Australians are getting savvier with how they shop, and are starting to purchase seasonal items that they might usually buy instore. For example, in the second week of December we saw a marked increase in online purchasing of specialty food and liquor – resulting in a growth of 41 % year-on-year.

“We know that customers are increasingly drawn to the convenience and stress-free experience of online shopping – Paypal reports that 70 % of Australians find online shopping less stressful than going in-store,” said Mr Franzi.