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Swiss Post Ltd’s Board of Directors appointed Roberto Cirillo as the new CEO of Swiss Post on 20 November 2018. He will take up his position in April 2019, succeeding Ulrich Hurni who took over the management of Swiss Post on an interim basis in June 2018.

Ulrich Hurni, Head of PostMail, took the helm at Executive Management on a temporary basis after the departure of Susanne Ruoff as CEO of Swiss Post in June 2018. The Board of Directors began the process of recruiting the new CEO in June.

The appointment of Roberto Cirillo on 20 November means the Board of Directors has completed this selection process in 2018 as planned.

Commenting on the appointment Urs Schwaller, the Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “Roberto Cirillo possesses many years of management experience at various large and medium-sized companies which he has led through transformation processes, while always maintaining ties with Switzerland.

“ I therefore firmly believe that he will successfully lead Swiss Post into the future,” adds the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Urs Schwaller wishes to express his gratitude to Ueli Hurni for his efforts thus far on behalf of the staff and Swiss Post during this challenging time.

“Ueli Hurni has provided Swiss Post with a steady, competent hand as CEO, giving staff a sense of stability and continuity during this period. I have no doubt that he will ensure a smooth transition up until the 2019 General Meeting and support Roberto Cirillo.”

Roberto Cirillo is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of Croda International Plc, a British speciality chemicals manufacturer.

Cirillo, who holds an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) spent four years as CEO of the Optegra hospital group, which operates on the international market, and eight years as a Member of Executive Management at Sodexo SA, most recently as CEO of its operations in France. He began his career in Zurich at McKinsey & Company.

“As a native of Ticino, I have had the opportunity to obtain international management experience. I am now really looking forward to developing and shaping – together with the staff – a piece of Switzerland’s identity,” says Cirillo.