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PayPal is collaborating with netParcel , to enable Canadian small businesses (SMBs) to lower their logistics costs when doing business with the U.S.

The company announced last week that it will introduce shipping discounts for Canadian small business customers, as well as one-day shipping to the U.S., in an effort to promote cross-border trade. PayPal Canada will include package tracking links, and will roll out a platform that allows sellers to manage order shipments and logistics from a range of marketplaces.

According to PayPal Canada, high shipping costs are a barrier to cross-border trade for small businesses, and prevent SMBs from taking advantage of growth opportunities in doing business with the U.S.

“Small businesses need access to better shipping solutions that open them up to global customers,” said PayPal Canada President Paul Parisi in a statement. “With this launch, we’re looking to enable more exports, and help small businesses become far more competitive in today’s global economy.”

The platform can integrate orders from a range of e-commerce platforms, including eBayEtsyShopify and others. Small businesses can organise and choose package shipping methods for each order, and provide tracking links.