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veritread alternativeWe received an email today from a transporter who has a disheartening issue with Veritread and by the looks of it, Veritread is not in a good position once this comes to light. 3rd party Veritread Review

To Whom It May Concern,

My employer (3PL) just signed up on Veritread Thursday Dec 19th to ship for your auction customers. We were abruptly shut off in the afternoon with no warning and was told by Andrew Katanick (intern at Veritread) on Friday Dec 20th that the reason being was our LTL shipping quotes were too low and we needed to charge more! We had 4 active bids and got 2 accepted immediately which we are told gave them red flags. We started to bid on other loads and had 20 more bids out with 174 stored to quote on next. So quoting correctly, honestly and accurately is against Veritread’s rules.

To us it looks like, Jeff Cox and Brian Ratkovec are forcing your buyers to pay more on freight so Jeff Cox can make as much profit as possible without any regard to your buyers or how it reflects on your company. I feel that this is not only unscrupulous and tarnishing your good name, it is hurting your buyers and customers by forcing freight charges higher than they need to be. I was told by Andrew Katanick that Veritread does not have anything listed in their terms of service covering a minimum profit to Veritread other than they can do whatever they want on their site. In summary, your vendor Veritread is forcing your buyers to pay more for their shipping for Jeff Cox’s own personal profit/gain. Legal transporters are essentially being swindled by Veritread to charge more for shipping than is necessary.

I would like a reply or Ritchie Brothers to issue a statement on this before I write an article and put up reviews on how Ritchie Bros knowingly allows Veritread to forcibly inflate shipping rates to maximize profit without any regard to Ironplanet/Ritchiebros or your customers. I have left a voicemail for Karl Werner as well in regard to this scam. If there is no reply from your company this information will get published and we will note that I did reach out to your company for a comment but was ignored.

What I would like to do is provide honest shipping rates to your buyers without your greedy partner forcing businesses and individuals to pay more for shipping only to increase Veritread’s profit margin. Obviously carriers are singled out if they force low profits for Veritread’s misappropriation. This needs to stop ASAP.

I am willing to sign a sworn affidavit that this is what I was told by Veritread’s representative Andrew Katanick. When the public is aware of this, it will not bode well for your company.

Looks like Ritchie Brothers does not give a shit that their buyers are getting scammed by Jeff Cox at Veritread.

Dear Sirs and Mesdames,

In reference to your broadly disseminated note below, please understand that Veritread is an independently owned and operated third party service provider to Ritchie Bros.  We are not authorized, nor would it be appropriate, for us to provide comments on their behalf, particularly when we have not had ample opportunity to investigate your allegations.  Your thinly veiled threats of a media campaign are not appreciated.  In any event, this is a matter for you to take up with Veritread, and has nothing to do with Ritchie Bros.

Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Darren Watt

Senior Vice President &
General Counsel
Corporate Secretary
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Prepare to get fucked by Veritread and Ritchie Brothers not protecting you.